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sillypyah in september2012

This has been such a rough week. My 2 year old is in the hospital with the flu, none of us are getting good sleep, we're missing a ton of work, and we have no idea when she'll be able to come home. I got tested for the flu and it somehow came out negative- Tamiflu is a class C med but is still recommended for pregnant women with the flu, so I just wanted a yes or no answer to whether I had caught it. I have some sort of bug but it has not been nearly as severe as my daughter or husband's.
I keep thinking about how different I am with this pregnancy than the first. With my daughter, I was SO careful about everything I ate. With this one, my own health gets put aside to take care of my toddler! I am not getting as much milk or eating as consistently or forcing in vegetables or forcing in DHA as often (can't deal with the extra nausea from the pills and still deal with the hospital). With the first pregnancy, I was very careful about avoiding sickness. Now, I'm hanging out in the ER and pediatric ward, letting my flu-ridden daughter cough in my face. With my first pregnancy, I tried to do lots of exercise. With this one, I was already in a weekly exercise routine and I STILL have been too busy and stressed and tired to exercise.
I just hope the second child doesn't always get the short end of the stick!! (I was a first child, and my sister wasn't born until I was almost 7, so I don't really know what true sibling rivalry is like.)



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