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sillypyah in september2012

First Appointment!

I had my first appointment for this pregnancy yesterday, at 8 weeks. They did an ultrasound and said the baby has a good heartbeat and everything is as it should be! I was pretty impressed with how much more advanced the fetus was at the 8 week ultrasound than my daughter was last time, when we had the ultrasound at 7w2d. They develop so fast in that first trimester! And I loved seeing the little tadpole tail.
My daughter keeps wanting to see the pictures of the baby. She keeps talking about the baby in my tummy and wanting to see it and kiss it.
So relieved that the pregnancy appears to be viable and healthy... next appointment in a month for the big screening. I think I am less nervous about that one than I was about this initial appointment. Until I see the baby on the screen, there is always this thought in the back of my mind, "what if there's not really a baby in there? what if there's no heartbeat? what if it's twins? what if what if what if??" Now I feel like I can relax, for a little while at least!


I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is going well!

I agree about needing to see it on the screen to feel ok. Our ultrasound tech didn't understand why I was so tense and panicky for half of the ultrasound visits because she'd measure and do everything else with the monitor faced away from us (and my husband was too terrified to look and give away bad news to me). It was much better at the last 2 where she kept it pointed at us and immediately said, "See everything's ok."
She didn't understand it? How could she not see that like 3 times a day? Jeez, just show the damn screen so we can see what's there and what you're doing!

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